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6000 Series Gross Leak Detection Systems

The Series 6000 Bubble Detection Systems are designed to optimize the performance of the gross leak hermeticity test while minimizing fluorocarbon fluid evaporation. Some of the many features include:

  • Exceeds the requirements of Mil Standard 883C

  • Minimizes fluorocarbon evaporation

  • Built-in fluid filtration system

  • Adjustable position magnification lens for improved operator viewing of the test area

  • Dual light sources for tank illumination in excess of 15,000 foot candles

  • Available in two different standard sizes:

    • 6001 ​- Test tray size: 10" x 4", Fluid Capacity: 1.5Gallon(US)

    • 6201 - Test tray size: 14" x 6", Fluid Capacity: 2.5Gallon(US)


7000 Series Gross Leak Detection Systems

The Series 7000 NID Vapor Detection Gross Leak test is a fast, accurate and automatic means of detecting gross leaks in hermetic packages in full compliance with Mil Standard 883, 750, and 202. This test technique was invented by WEB Technology in 1983, and has since become embraced by many worldwide manufacturers.


The major advantages of Vapor Detection over Bubble Test are:

  • Eliminates use of expensive indicator fluid

  • Identifies gross leakers automatically

  • Eliminates operator error

  • Reduces required preconditioning times

  • Improves yields and quality due to overkill (false fail) reduction and decreased escapements (false positives)

  • Automation capability for tube-to-tube or pick & place applications

The heart of this system is the Model 7200 analyzer. This manual system is ideal for testing small volumes and devices not easily tested in tubes or trays. This system is upgradeable to an automatic design at a later date. Some features of this unit include:

  • Over 250 test cycles per hour. Batch testing capability can significantly increase the system throughput.

  • 3.5"x3.0"x.625" test cell standard (larger cells optional)

  • Automatic visual and audible alarm for simple reject identification

  • Temperature monitor, alarm and control


8050 Series Gross Leak/Fine Leak Preconditioning Systems

This microprocessor controlled unit comes with two tank chambers and offers user friendly operation in strict conformance to the Mil Standards. Some of the many features include:

  • Helium fine leak and/or fluorocarbon gross leak (bubble test and vapor detection test) capability

  • 20~25% fluorocarbon savings over conventional systems; much more when compared to most internally engineered systems.

  • Full compliance with Mil Standard 883, 750, and 202 for gross leak and helium fine leak test conditions.

  • Tank size options include 8" or 10" I.D. with depths of either 16" or 29"

  • Tank chambers are fully automatic and operate independently

  • One-way dual filtration of the preconditioning fluid being used

  • Dual vacuum pump to minimize fluid ingestion

  • Stainless steel fluid lines, storage tank, and test chambers


9050 Series Centrifuge System

Safety, reliability and serviceability are emphasized in the design and construction of the Model 9050. The proper combination of drive rotors and fixturing will allow any package to be tested per the requirements of Mil Standard 883C, Method 2001, Test condition A-E (Constant Acceleration) and other equivalent specifications. Some of the many features include:

  • Microprocessor control

  • Field proven safe/dependable design

  • Fast cycle times

  • Easy loading

  • Set-up configuration data can be entered manually or pre-programmed

  • Extensive sensor network

  • Compatibility with most any existing fixturing/tooling a customer may have


Centrifuge Fixtures

WEB Technology has been designing and manufacturing centrifuge fixtures since 1982. With a combination of experience, innovative designs, and state-of-the-art materials, WEB is able to supply a cost-effective, quality product.

  • Available for all major centrifuge types

  • All industry standard fixturing diameters and styles

  • Compatibility with existing tooling

  • Y1 or multiple axis capability

  • Laser balanced for safety

QT Handler

QT Series Test Handler

The WEB QT Test Handler is a bench top semiautomatic system designed for small lot production runs, engineering characterization, and other QC/QA applications.


Device kits are available for a variety of package types including SOIC, MSOP, QFN, SOT, and many others (up to .300" wide x .375" long).

  • Single Tube or Vibratory Bowl Feed input options available

  • Single Tube or Bulk Bin output options available; either 4 or 6 position

  • Single Site, cable interface to tester

  • Pick and Place mechanism

  • Up to 1600 uph at zero test time

  • Hot Chamber option available

Device Handling

  • Plastic tube or metal tube on input/output

  • Single tube input, 4 single tube output (6 optional)

  • Vibratory bulk bowl feed input with 4 bulk bin output (6 optional). Must be able to orient device in feeder

  • Contacting on micrometer adjustable X-Y stage

    • Kelvin

    • Standard (non-Kelvin)

    • Custom up to 3” wide (7.6 cm)

    • Cable dock to tester

WEB Technology, founded in 1982 and based in Dallas, Texas, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of test equipment for the Semiconductor & Microelectronics industries. Primarily focused on high reliability MIL STD compliant testing of hermetically sealed components.

WEB Technology are recognised as the number 1 manufacturer of centrifuge systems designed for testing of components upto 30,000G, pre-conditioning systems for gross & fine leak seal testing and a range of MIL STD compliant gross leak detection systems.

WEB Technology also offer a custom handling design and manufacturing service and have expertise in pick n place and turret based systems.

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