Grypper Family of Sockets

The Grypper family of test sockets is the next best thing of not having a contact at all. This high-electrical performance socket allows a BGA device to fit into the exact end use location for sample boards, failure analysis, and other applications were space is limited to only the IC package itself. The BGA IC package simply snaps into the socket.​​


  • Grypper test sockets incorporate twin beam contacts insuring minimal resistance.

  • G40 test sockets, for 0.4 and 0.5 pitch IC packages, incorporate solder balls onto the contact so re‐flow into your application is the same as re‐flowing an IC to the test or sample board.

  • G80 test sockets reduce the force needed for insertions and are ideal for high ball count BGA IC packages.

  • "Y" Grypper sockets are designed to work with BGA devices with solder balls/bumps with no equator or small exposure where the standard Grypper cannot reliably hold on to the solder ball. The Y shape, working with the sliding lid, allows reliable contact and ensures device retention in high vibration application. Lower forces, <25 grams, makes insertion easier too and the less aggressive contacting allows 40+ insertions of the same device. The Sliding Lid can be configured to include heat sinking. The Y contact designs cover BGA devices from 0.35 pitch and larger and the short electrical length has superior electrical performance.


Grypper Memory Sockets

HSIO has developed  sockets for the majority of the memory devices:

  • DDR / GDDR - including DDR4


  • eMMC

  • ONFi applications.


HSIO stocks many memory socket designs for quick delivery.

QFN/QFP 35 Family of Sockets

High-Performance Test Sockets for Engineering Development, Characterisation, Failure analysis and Manual testing of QFN, QFP DFN and SO IC Packages

  • Signal performance: Miniature stamped contacts provide extremely short signal path

  • Oxide-cutting wipe action: The QFN35 contact wipes the package pad, cutting through solder oxides

  • Near-device decoupling: Small footprints, with large underside frame decoupling pockets designed to standard dimensioned packages, allow for near-device placement of passive components

  • Reduced ground inductance: Multiple compliant ground contacts reduce ground inductance and provide a thermal path through the PCB. A solid ground block can be incorporated for further product enhancements

  • Replaceable contact sets: Test sockets with replaceable contact sets offer a significant cost savings vs. the purchase of a new test socket


Compression Mount Spring Pin Sockets

High Performance Standard Footprint Sockets for 0.30 + pitch devices. Industry Standard Spring Pins in standardised footprint configuration

HSIO Technologies spring pin sockets are designed in standardised stepped footprint configurations incorporating industry standard high performance spring pins. HSIO can design a socket to work with any IC package; BGA- LGA – QFN- DFN and even leaded devices where you have minimal space to fit a socket in place of your device to allow fast, easy testing and development.

Each socket comprises 3 parts :

  • Contact Set - Housing with spring pins

  • Socket Frame - Secures the contact set to the Test Board and attaches the LID

  • 1/2 Turn Socket Lid - Knob turns 180 degrees – latches and press moves down to insert the device to the test position​​

High Performance RF Testing without the High Costs.


HSIO Technologies is a privately held company that began operations in mid-2010 in Maple Grove, Minnesota, a suburb in the Northwest quadrant of the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area. The company is focused on developing high performance interconnect technologies to serve semiconductor device and electronics systems developers and manufacturers. The company has established an ISO 7 facility to provide for product and technology development, low volume / high mix manufacturing, and development of “build anywhere” production processes for seamless transfer to high-volume capable business partners as needed.

Leveraging extensive interconnect device knowledge with proven semiconductor fabrication, printed circuit fabrication, and microelectronic assembly processes enables HSIO Technologies to quickly develop cost-effective, high-performance interconnect solutions across a wide variety of form factors.

Baseline process capabilities include:

  • Small form-factor, 1 to 12 layer microcircuit fabrication

  • 50µ and under feature geometries

  • Plated copper and alternate metallization schemes

  • Embedded passive components

  • Fine geometry milling and machining

  • Precision molding and stamping

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