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Sockets for Burn-In and Test

  • Over 3,700+ designs

  • Single & Dual Row QFN - 0.22mm pitch and greater

  • BGA & LGA

  • Gull Wing - Kelvin, Double Duty Kelvin & Non Kelvin

  • TO

  • LCC

  • SMD

  • Axial

  • Microwave

  • Edge Connectors

  • SIP 

  • Zig Zag 

  • DIP / DIL

  • Flat Pack

  • Kelvin Clips

  • Non Magnetic Sockets available

  • PTH or Compression Mount

  • Custom Sockets


Test & Burn-In Boards

Loranger International Corporation designs and manufactures thousands of burn-in and test printed circuit boards for semiconductors and electronic components. Some of the board styles are listed below.

Boards for Burn-In and Test with Sockets

​Loranger Environmental Burn-In and Test Boards are custom designed to meet your requirements. Complete Turn-Key Boards and Sockets are manufactured according to your package drawing, schematic, and component list. Loranger utilizes over 30 years of experience in designing Burn-In and Test boards to offer the best performance. All sockets and boards are 100% electrically tested prior to shipment.

Universal Boards with Sockets & Program Cards

​Loranger Universal Burn-In and Test Boards offer a long life-cycle for a given package style. Edgeconnectors are connected to a group of sockets, and a program card can be inserted into the edgeconnector to achieve the required schematic to each package. Loranger program cards are available in various configurations, I/O and pitches. Custom designs with assembled components are also available.

HAST/Humidity Boards & Sockets

Loranger boards for Humidity (typically 85 C and 85% Relative Humidity), and HAST (typically 130 C, 85% Relative Humidity and elevated pressure), use special board materials and design considerations. Options include special board materials, SMT components, and multiple board layers with traces only on inner layers.

High Frequency Boards & Sockets

Loranger offers over 30 years of experience in designing boards and sockets for high frequency burn-in. Low inductance contacts are used, or device leads can make contact directly to gold plated pads on the board. Trace width and length, as well as characteristic impedence and signal termination are considered in the design.

High Temperature Use (upto 250ºC) Boards & Sockets

For tests that require temperatures up to 250 C, Loranger offers multiple solutions. Standard Plated Thru Hole sockets are available in high temperature plastics and contacts. Compression mount sockets are also available with high temperature materials. High temperature printed circuit board materials are also available.

Custom Monitoring, Signal Generation and Fuse Boards for Burn-in Systems

Loranger offers complete design and manufacturing services for back plane boards for various burn-in and test systems. Designs include fuse, signal generation, and monitoring boards, as well as custom designs.


Burn-In and Test Systems

Loranger Environmental Burn-In and Test Systems are custom designed to meet your requirements. Complete Turn-Key systems are available with custom signal driver boards, sockets, burn-in boards, and monitoring software. Some of the system styles are listed below.

Burn-in and Test Systems are available in various sizes (e.g., 3-, 8- and 18-cubic-foot work areas) with single or multiple chamber work areas per individual system. Powered and non powered cool down racks are also available.

  • Complete Turn-Key Systems with Customer Sockets & Boards

  • Dynamic Burn-in

    • ​All of our Dynamic systems are easy-to-use with Windows® software controls and custom signal-generation to safely exercise DUTs and accurately record results.

  • Static Burn-in

    • ​Our robust Static systems are designed and manufactured for maintenance-free and extended-life use. Various power supply options are available.

  • Multi-Chamber Systems

    • ​Multi-Chamber systems give the option of running multiple tests at different temperatures.

  • Storage Carts for Burn-in Boards

    • ​Our mobile storage carts for burn-in printed circuit boards are available in standard sizes. The carts feature anodized aluminum rails, static dissipative wheels, and removable weights. The storage carts are also available with optional power supplies for powered cooldown requirements.

  • Ambient Burn-in

    • ​Our Ambient burn-in and test systems can be used for Mil-Std-750, Steady State Operating Power burn-in on various components including diodes and transistors. Systems are designed for your testing requirements and include power supplies and optional monitoring.

Loranger International Corporation designs and manufactures burn-in and test sockets, printed circuit boards and environmental chamber systems for the electronics manufacturing industry.

Loranger International Corporation sockets are optimized for today’s small, fine pitch electronic packages including QFN, as well as for older style packages.

Loranger International Corporation burn-in and test sockets are used worldwide in programs including defense, guidance, automotive, music, communication and space exploration.

“Excellence by Design”... our philosophy is rooted in a rich heritage of premium manufacturing standards. This commitment to excellence has endured for more than 30 years, garnering an international reputation as one of the most highly-qualified manufacturers of semiconductor Sockets, PC Board Assemblies and Environmental Systems for Burn-in, Characterization and Test. Loranger is used by many of the top semiconductor manufacturers in the world and we encourage you to come and join our list of satisfied customers. Please contact us for details about our services and complete line of products.

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