Galden D Series PFPE Fluids

Galden® PFPE is a line of high-performance, inert, fluorinated fluids used as heat transfer and for various high-tech applications in the Electrical & Electronics and Semiconductors markets.

  • High thermal stability

  • Wide operating temperature range

  • Good dielectric properties

  • Excellent chemical inertness

  • Good compatibility with metals, plastics and elastomers

  • No flash or fire point, no auto-ignition point

  • Safety (FM approved 6930 standard)

  • DO2, DO2TS, DO3, DO5 & DET

  • For Thermal Shock, Hermetic Seal Testing & Heat Transfer


Galden HT Series PFPE Fluids

Galden® HT Low Boilers:

  • HT55, HT70, HT80, HT110 

Galden® HT High Boilers:

  • HT135, HT170, HT200

Galden® HT High Boilers (HBs) is the family of heat transfer synthetic fluids engineered for high temperature applications which feature:

  • The highest boiling points among fluorinated heat transfer fluids

  • Very low vapor pressure and evaporation tendency

  • Outstanding non-flammability

  • Excellent chemical inertness

  • Safety (FM approved 6930 standard)

Galden® HBs are the best candidates for use at temperatures above 150° C to 270° C without pressure build-up and absolutely no fire hazard.

  • Among the advantages of a sound safety profile for high temperature applications is a positive impact on the Cost of Ownership.

  • Typical applications for Galden® HBs

  • Heat transfer management in the photovoltaic cell manufacturing process

  • Heat vector in the solar thermal industry

  • Heating fluid

  • Metallurgy

  • Energy sector

  • Factory Mutual Approved

  • Galden® HBs are Factory Mutual approved according to the FM 6930 standard and are available in industrial quantities.

3M Fluorinert Performance Test Fluids

We offer 3M fluids for customers with procedural requirements for 

3M™ Fluorinert™ Liquid FC fluids are non-conductive, thermally and chemically stable liquids ideal for use in single phase heat transfer applications, especially in the electronics and semiconductor industry for etchers, ion implanters, testers, etc.

  • Thermal stability

  • Chemical stability

  • Wide liquid range

  • Non-conductive

  • Narrow boiling range

  • Compatibility

  • FC-40 & FC-72 for MIL STD hermetic seal testing


3M Novec HFE-7500 Engineered Fluid

3M™ Novec™ 7500 Engineered Fluid is a nonflammable fluid with very low global warming potential for use in heat transfer applications. Novec 7500 fluid shares many of the inertness and dielectric properties of perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and perfluoropolyethers (PFPEs), and is a viable option for replacing them in a wide array of applications.


  • Semiconductor

This Novec fluid can be used in cooling of ion implanters, dry etchers and CVD machines in semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing facilities.

  • Test Equipment

The fluid may be used to cool semiconductor thermal shock and test equipment.

  • Electronic Cooling

Because Novec 7500 fluid is compatible with most electronic components, it can be used in direct contact single- and two-phase cooling of supercomputers and sensitive military electronics, and to cool high voltage transformers and power electronics.

  • Industrial/Pharmaceutical

Novec 7500 fluid can also be used as an alternative to commonly used fluids in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing processes, such as freeze drying and reactor cooling.


The primary advantage of Novec 7500 fluid over a comparable PFC or PFPE, however, is reduced Global Warming Potential (GWP).


Novec 7500 fluid has been developed as a low-GWP alternative to perfluorocarbon and perfluoropolyether heat transfer liquids. Novec 7500 fluid is non-ozone-depleting and has been exempted from the U.S. EPA definition of a volatile organic compound (VOC) because it does not contribute to the formation of photochemical smog.

Solvay Solexis & 3M are WORLD LEADING manufacturers of performance chemicals designed for use within the electronics manufacturing and testing industries.

PTS supply the range of Galden & FC fluids for Hermetic Seal Testing and Preconditioning