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June 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the June PTS newsletter. Whilst environmental test equipment is a major part of our headline business, our range of consumable items are also a large part of PTS' offering, so in this newsletter we leave the big equipment to one side and shine a light on those consumable products. SIPEL ELECTRONICS | NDS & EHWA | SEC | GALDEN & 3M | PERFECTION For more detailed information on any of the products listed below please contact or visit our website


Based in Switzerland, SIPEL offer an extensive line of over 4,500 models of high precision handling tools for use across a wide range of industries and applications. Founded in 1989 to supply tweezers to the watch making, microelectronics and medical industries, their vast range of tools has grown to include many designed for specific roles in their associated business sectors: Medical grade tools, Surface Mount Component tweezers and Wafer Handling tools to name but a few. Tweezers are available in a variety of materials and finishes, including Stainless Steel, Brass, Nickel Plated, Teflon Coated, Ceramic Tips and interchangeable tips. In addition Sipel offer Precision Vacuum Handling solutions, Pliers & Cutters and Cleanroom Consumables.

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PTS have been supplying dicing blades since our company started in 1989 and as a result we have a wealth of applications knowledge in this area. We work with 2 different blade manufacturers and select the best choice blade for your particular sawing or cutting process.  Blades are available for cutting most semiconductor and microelectronic materials (Si, GaAs, SoS, Ceramics and more) and we are always happy to discuss your specific requirements in order to improve your dicing yields. In addition to wafer dicing we can offer blades for separation of BGAs/QFNs/PCB materials and CMP Pad Conditioners.

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Semiconductor Equipment Corporation is recognised as the leading manufacturer and distributor of standard and customised die handling equipment and semiconductor dicing tape. Since 1975, SEC has installed thousands of production units worldwide for work in packaging and assembly operations including edge emitting lasers,  flip chip, surface mount and hi-reliability devices such as ball grid arrays, quad flat packs and multi-chip modules. PTS distribute the full range of Dicing Tapes available from SEC including: Standard Dicing Tapes UV Curable Dicing Tape High Purity Tape Heat Release Tape Inkjet Cover Tape Aquabond Adhesive & Cleaning Agents

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Perfection Products, Inc. started in 1971 as a one-man machine shop and has, over the years, become one of the leading suppliers of in process carriers for the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries. Specialising in Aluminium extrusions and precision moulded plastic carriers, Perfection supply some of the worlds leading manufacturers with the Grip Rings and Film Frame they cut wafers on, Shippers for transporting whole and diced wafers on carriers, Leadframe Magazines and carriers, boats and tubes used throughout the advanced packaging process. With a vast catalogue of already tooled parts and the ability to turn custom pieces in minimal timescales, Perfection Products are the number 1 source for all your in process carrier needs.

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Solvay Solexis & 3M are world leading manufacturers of performance chemicals designed for use within the electronics manufacturing and testing sectors. ​ PTS have been supplying the range of Galden test fluids since 1992 & in 2018 added 3M's FC fluids for Hermetic Seal Testing and Preconditioning as well as their range of Novec Engineered Fluids. Get in touch with our in house specialist team to discuss your requirements today!

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