• Simon Bowker Heighes

Debugging with Ironwood Electronics' Grypper Sockets

Debugging silicon in the evaluation board and screening devices in the production board are just a few of the many tasks exemplified by “zero footprint” Grypper Sockets

Ironwood Electronics has thousands of zero footprint Grypper sockets available supporting IC development and failure analysis for a wide variety of devices – DDR, eMMC, LPDDR, NAND, Open NAND Flash Interface, and Controller/Buffer sockets used in Solid State Drives, Cards and Modules.

Since Grypper sockets emulate both solder ball composition and exact size of the device, soldering Gryppers to the PCB is similar to soldering the actual device, with no additional space required. Gryppers utilize gold plated BeCu contacts that “grip” the solder balls of the device, connecting the IC to the system - simply insert the IC into the socket by pressing on the top of the device, no lid required! Use a simple extraction tool to remove the device from the socket and it is ready for the installation of another device. 

With excellent electrical performance of - 1dB insertion loss up to 40 GHz, and low contact resistance of 25 mOhms per contact, the Grypper can be used in high performance systems. Insertion force varies from 20 to 95 grams/contact based on pitch and ball size. Current carrying capacity is 4A with operating temperature of -55C to +155C.

Standard parts are available in as little as 2-3 weeks. For test reports, please visit our website:

For more information contact the sales team at

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